Small MAC Haul

Welcome to my first post on this blog! I've been purchasing a lot of beauty items lately, so I thought it appropriate to post a beauty haul as a little "hello!"

(L-R) es in Woodwinked, blush in Gingerly, Studio Finish Concealer in NC42
swatches: (L) Woodwinked, (R) Gingerly

A few weeks ago I bought a few things from MAC as a little treat. Recently I’ve been gravitating towards the look of using brown-y colored blushed since I feel they looks more natural on me. I was definitely also swayed by seeing pictures of the beautiful Celia floating around Tumblr (She uses an orangey bronzer as a blush which looks stunning on her!) So, hot off of my obsessive fawning over these, these, and these pink-less cheeks I headed over to the nearest MAC and was recommended/persuaded to buy Gingerly, which is a reddened clay colored blush. Now, I know “clay” doesn’t sound like the most flattering descriptor out there for a face product, but let me just tell you that I am in love with my new “un-flushed” cheeks! The blush has just enough of a peachy tone that I look warm and healthy without having to have little rosy cheeks.

Another thing I love about this blush is that it doesn’t compete with my eye and lip makeup like I feel pink or rosy blushes do. So feel free to wear you bright pink lippy or a blue smoky eye (I don’t know, man) this blush won’t compete, but will still look amazeballs with your look.

Now, let me tell you, I did not use to be a big “neutral colors” girl. Last summer I would have gladly done, say, a blue smokey eye, than a neutral makeup look any day of the week. Chalk it up to my advancing age, or just an shift in taste (probably this), but I just think neutral colors look really nice on me, so I’ve been starting to mould my collection around my new found love of “non-color” colors. Recently, I’ve been obsessed with simple eyeshadow looks (we’re talking one main color on the lid and I’m done). I’ve had my eye on MAC’s Woodwinked for a while now but for some reason had never taken the plunge and bought it. Let me just tell you, I’ve been wearing Woodwinked pretty much every day since I got it.  It’s just so effortless and blends really nicely over the eyelid into the crease. Just get it.

Lastly, I got myself another Studio Fix concealer. The first one I bought about a year ago hadn’t been getting much action because it was cool toned instead of warm toned, which just didn’t match my skin tone at all (and I’ll mention it was too light). I blame the MAC saleswoman, but hey, lets not point fingers. Anyways, I got mine in the color NC42 which I’m happy to report, works 1000 times better!

So that’s it! Talk to you soon!

xx Sam

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